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I tell my clients that a pitch deck is like a first date. The goal of a first date is to get the second date. This means you want to give enough information to hook the investors. The best outcome of a first pitch is to have the investors walk away from the meeting wanting to learn more about you. Many founders fall into the trap of thinking that getting a meeting with a big VC means this is their one shot and they need to cram as much information as they can into their pitch. Just as you wouldn’t…

The pitch deck is arguably the most important document an early-stage founder will create for their startup. In most cases, the pitch deck is the founder’s first chance at introducing themselves to investors. The founder needs to convey an immense amount of information in the space of a single document — who are the founders, what does the startup do, what problem does the startup solve, why will this work, will these founders be able to succeed? A well-constructed pitch deck can be an early-stage startup founder’s greatest tool. …

So, what’s your runway?

One of the first questions an investor asks a startup is “what’s your runway?” It’s a simple question, but it can reveal so much about the company and its founders. First and foremost, do the founders know what a runway is and can they calculate it?* An unclear answer speaks volumes about the potential inexperience of the founders.

*Runway = $$$ in the bank / monthly burn rate. The answer is how many months you have until you run out of money.

Runway and burn rate also give a glimpse into how well the startup is managing its cash. A…

We are about to pass the 6 month mark on life with COVID. We have sewn our own face masks, perfected our sourdough starters, fostered a shelter animal, and found our favorite Zoom virtual backgrounds during this time. Despite these changes, many held a small hope in the back of their minds that life would go back to “normal” sooner rather than later. Labor Day became the magic, albeit arbitrary, threshold for making big decisions about how to survive and function in the long-term. Well, Labor Day is fast approaching, and it is clear that there will be no vaccine and no approved treatments anytime soon. It’s time for startups to face the music — this new reality is here to stay. Read more….

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